ODIN is a fully automated high-resolution AOI tool for the optical inspection of patterned and non-patterned wafers, their edges and back sides with comprehensive 2D and 3D metrology options.

Key Features
Next generation macro inspection system (AOI).
Single-ยต sensitivity at.
          >80 wph for 300 mm
          >120 wph for 200 mm
          >150 wph for 150 mm
All-side wafer inspection: Front, back and edge inspection.
100% defect images without throughput impact.
Integrated high-end microscope review.
True Color Inspection (TCI) technology.
Industry only back side volume data information technology (ABSENT).
Advanced CD, 2D/3D, OVL and EBR metrology.
Advanced Defect Binning (ADB).
Bridge tools and special wafer handling systems for thin/double wafers available
Best in class cost of ownership for high resolution AOI