100 to 300mm automatic optical inspection and review tool at low footprint and attractive price manual option for loading 300mm wafers for microscope inspection and review.

Advanced 100 to 300 mm optical inspection and review tools with up to two cassette platforms
System configurations with front side only full automatic wafer handling
System configuration with vaccum based end effector
High-end optical microscope by Zeiss supports all common contrast techniques
     o  Bright and dark field, White light confocal and ultraviolet microscopy
     o  Contrast methods CSM / DIC
     o  Automatic metrology for CD / VIA /
Ovl / film thickness
     o  Resolution down to 0.1µm using 150x UV
     o  HSEB IP TCI Technology
HSEB IP macro station with homogenous brightfield and super bright darkfield illumination
Field proven single mature software platform for all system functions