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  • HSEB founded by Carl Zeiss employees as an Engineering office in Dresden.

  • We started designing and manufacturing of OEM components for Carl Zeiss, Brooks, Leica, later KLA-Tencor, Rudolph Tech...

  • Acquisition of Carl Zeiss Jena "Optical wafer inspection" BU and transfer of products, IP and staffing.

  • It was the turning point for HSEB, when we step into Optical Inspection Product Line.

  • HSEB Launched first AOI System. To comply with the relevant SEMI standards, including S2/S8.

  • In February 2014, NASA's flying observatory SOFIA focused on the explosion known as a supernova that obliterated the remains of a star about the mass of the sun in the Messier 82 galaxy (M82). Located 11 million light years from earth in the direction of the constellation Ursa Major, the exploding star is named Supernova (SN) 2014. SOFIA/FLITECAM image of galaxy M82 and SN 2014J at near-IR wavelengths 1.2, 1.65, and 2.2 microns.

  • HSEB launched Baldur 303. First pure FDSOI metrology in industry.

  • We are celebrating 25 years of success in a Semiconductor Industry. It is the beginning of new era, when HSEB successfully launched ODIN 3D.

Our relation to semiconductor business started in the 1960's when our founders worked for a Dresden-based R&D centre of East-German Carl Zeiss Jena. Today, the people who make out HSEB incorporate more than 560 years of experience in the semiconductor business. Since it's founding in 1991 HSEB has evolved from a pure R&D office into a comprehensive medium-sized company that with a strong emphasis on product development and customizations.
In 2017 HSEB got acceptance for 3D tool.By taking over the business field "Optical Wafer Inspection" from Carl Zeiss SMS in 2004, HSEB today has the "critical mass" to satisfy the requirements of large multi-national semiconductor companies, while still being small enough to respond quickly to their individual requirements.